Margot Duane is fascinated by people, and she believes in the power of imagery as a catalyst for change. From behind the camera, Margot tells human stories that inspire, capturing the unique traits that make her subjects special. What emerges is not only a vibrant photograph, but also a slice of truth. 

Her passion for photography was ignited twenty years ago on the streets of urban America, where she started capturing people from all walks of life in candid moments. Since then, her honest and vibrant images of people and culture have been featured in major online and print media, as well as commercial campaigns, personal exhibitions, and humanitarian projects around the globe.

Fueled by curiosity, Margot has experienced countless poignant, hair-raising and outrageously delightful moments behind the lens.  She is a triplet in a family of adventurers with Maori heritage and divides her time between the San Francisco Bay Area and New Zealand.

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